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We are a cloud based company and so we will work via use of Dropbox – a file sharing cloud based free software programme. This allows us to work together on the various files needed to allow us to help you manage your accounts. We also use our 24/7 Virtual office suite in On Point Mentors.
A- Yes – we have professional insurance provided by Hiscox
Kate Miles is a fully qualified ICAEW member– having qualified with Ernst & Whiney in 1988. Her last role was as CFO with a FTSE 250 listed PLC company. Collin Miles is a PADI Course Director (CD 627988) as well as having held MD roles with multinational companies and run and owned numerous private business. He also holds a BSC in Accounting and Ecomnics. Miles Better also hold ICAEW practising certiciate and HMRC Agent status.
A- Yes – we aim to take all the hassle out of setting up the gateway and working with HMRC
In most cases this is the most tax efficient way of running your new business – being a sole trader has its benefits but if you use our services the additional demands of the Limited company status are absorbed by our role..
We normally set this up using our UK corporate office for ease as your compnay is set up– this allows all information to come directly to us – but we then transiiton to your home/business premises.
The most tax efficient option is a combination of both – as you do not want to loose your tax free element plus keeps your credit score strong as well as allowing you to claim a qualiying year for your state pension
Under the 2015/16 tax changes – you can now elect to have 10% of your partners tax free allowance moved to you – beneficial if they are not using the full allowance themselves
This is the main way we operate - using Go Cardless as our Direct Debit providor.

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